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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hell Week Day 3: Hunt through Ingram

Today I woke up to colder, windy weather. Normally I step outside the motel door following breakfast to judge what to wear. Today I chose a wind vest and arm warmers as well as shorts and jersey. I am glad I threw in some wool socks as I really despise having cold feet. I was delighted when I went outside and found Greg Z. and Joe C. were going to join us today. Mike had decided not to join us.

The first part of the ride I pull ahead of everyone except Joe when it is my time to pull, but I am more than happy to slow down. The ride to the first store stop is on back roads, but after that until near the end this ride is not about scenery but about the best taco stand in the world. At the first store stop, the woman begins telling me about growing up in a children's home. Sometimes it is like people know. I feel rather rude by not encouraging her, but I am on vacation. Bill comes out of the bathroom talking about ice in the urinal. The rest of us have never heard of this phenomena and/or they are reluctant to discuss it with me as I am a female. Only today did I google it and still really don't have a firm answer but rather speculation. Not that it matters, but it made me curious. We laugh at Dave sitting on the re cleaned corn bags. The things we laugh at on rides.

Finally we get to Ingram and ride along the river to Hunt. There is a lot of traffic on the road, but nobody but me seems to mind. The taco stand is open and it has warmed up enough that we aren't absolutely miserable eating outside. I have Michael's taco, and it is as delicious as I remember. Unfortunately, I can't stretch my stomach to eat the entire taco and it will be another year before I return, but such is life. During the ride we found out that the group riding at home had come upon a suicide in the park. It bothers me to think of someone in the depths of despair, and as I later say to the others, it seems such an odd place for such a private act. I think how lucky I am to have friends that lift me up when I am down and how I sometimes think of them as God's reminder that we are not alone. During the ride I think of a book I just read, "The Shack," and how some of the ideas within just seem right to me. I think of how odd that my mother, an atheist, was the one who brought the book to my attention, and I wonder if her beliefs are changing as her life is winding down.

Coming into Harper, I decide to go for the green sign. I just can't push big enough gears to take one without stealth or a running start, so about 2.5 miles out from the town sign I begin. I know that Joe and Greg are ahead and probably will take it first, but I should beat Dave, Steve, and Bill. Dave gives chase. When we near the sign, I see that Joe and Greg have not crossed, but are stopped before the sign. I try hard, but the Dave catches me right at the wire. I have given it all that I have in my current overweight condition, and I am depleted. Greg later pulls me to the Fredericksburg green sign and Joe pretends to chase me for it but gives it to me. Normally this would make me upset, but I know that his intentions are kind and it warms me inside like I have drank a cup of warm coffee or hot cocoa. I think again what nice people Greg and Joe are and how I wish they lived closer.

I was afraid of this ride as I have not slept well for two nights now. It seems I have more and more of these episodes though normally they are related to a worry. Still it seemed that I did not hold the group up and I am glad that I did ride with them. It never really warmed up. Tonight we will eat German. You would think that with riding so much I would lose weight here, but I know from experience that this just doesn't happen.

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