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Thursday, January 21, 2010

PBP 2007 7

The journey ends as all journeys do at the cemetary. Monuments to people that have been loved. That is all we can do to honor the dead and what they were, what they contributed to our lives and our world, to honor what we ourselves will become, and people have chosen monumental means to do so. We go into the cemetary in shifts because we may not take our bikes inside. I go with Joe and Royse. We never find Jim Morrison's grave, but we do find the grave of Chopin. It is like a shrine with people before it. There are flowers and candles and other tributes. What must it be like to contribute to the good of humanity to where strangers build a shrine for you? I will never know as I, like most, am not so talented. I am just me. Royse also asks me to photograph the monument near Chopin's that has a name I am not familiar with. Joe and I wonder if people are actually buried here or cremated and then buried. Space leaves me to believe they are cremated.

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