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Thursday, January 21, 2010

PBP 2007 2

This is a new friend, Joe Camp, who I met on Tokyo. He lives in Illinois as does Greg Z., the person who introduced us. Joe is married and has three children. He reminds me of Mike Kamenish, Deisel Dog, for some reason, perhaps the shape of his jaw. Joe is a strong cyclist and I am glad that he will ride with us, but I worry that we will not be fast enough for him. I am persistent, but I am not always very fast, and I am a girl. It is funny how little by little I grow to know more of the people who log on the Big Dog site. I still remember meeting Greg Z. in person in Texas. This rather tall man who I don't know at all comes up and asks me about Grasshopper and how he is doing. I still smile at this recollection. Steve Rice says maybe it should scare me that people would recognize me through my logs, but it doesn't. This picture is on our pre PBP bicycle tour into Paris. Joe was a continual source of comfort to me throughout my entire PBP experience, and I have come to hold his friendship dear. The warmth of his hug when I split with the group in Loudiac will remain with me the rest of my days. He is a very special person, the kind you feel safe with.

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