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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paris Brest Paris 2007 3

One of the first places we stop on our pre PBP excursion is in front of the palace of Versailles. I have been here before when I was a child, and I remember the room of mirrors and how I had read about it in books before I came. Royse finds the palace boring, but for me it is a mysterious building that houses the spirits of those that came before. If I remember correctly, it was here that Marie and Louis found out about the death of the king, falling to their knees holding each other and saying they were too young to rule. I would like to see the Petite Triagnon as well where Marie played at being a simple milk maid. I think of her growth from child to dignified woman, a growth that came too late to save her life or the life of her family. If I ever come again, I hope to be able to prepare more by reading and to have time to stop and explore.
It is outside of this building that I first notice that there are double decker buses, but the top deck has no roof. One young man passes with a small umbrella that is attached to the top of his head with a head band thus leaving his hands free for other things.

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