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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Warm and Rainy in January

Today is one of those rare January days where it is warm, at least warm for this time of year. It reminds me of when you swim and get a chance to grab some air before going back into the water for awhile longer. I know that it will be cold again very soon, possibly tomorrow, but today it is warm and each warm winter day brings me one step closer to spring.

Since yesterday was a century day, and a hard century day, I had intended not to ride today. As the day progressed, however, and the rain was light and the wind was not too brutal and the temperature was warm, I decided to put a few miles in. My bike was still dirty from yesterday so that was not a worry. Actually some of my favorite rides have been in the rain. Unless it is a very cold rain or a very heavy rain, I can't see any reason not to ride. Bob at the bike store says it is hard on the bike, but bikes are meant to be ridden. I suppose things may wear out sooner, but I am wearing out with each passing second. Rain doesn't seem like a good reason to put my life on hold or to miss doing one of my favorite things: riding my bike. It sure is more fun than the housecleaning I have done most of the day.

I head out toward 39 at a meandering pace. After yesterday, I don't want to torture my legs with any serious hills today. A hawk glides silently skimming the tall grass, his colors blending perfectly with the scenery. Hawks always make me think of Grasshopper because he loves them so. The world is filled with water and I am surprised that 39 has not yet flooded. The road work they did last summer has definitely helped. The ground can't absorb more and the water laps gently against tree trunks changing the world. Sage's Ferry is flooded and the waters cover the launching site and reach for the road. 700 and Medora will be impassable. I grin thinking of the time I got caught out and had to wade the flood waters to make it home before dark. Such a scolding I got.

The clouds move quickly across the sky, grey and sullen, and I wonder when I will next see the sun. I can't remember the last sunny day. I think briefly of Mule saying that he e-mailed Bill saying the only thing they were accomplishing asking about my new bike was to make me second guess myself. I am glad for his insight. I say a prayer for the friends I have, each one so very special.

All too soon it is time to turn around. There is supper to be made and I have left one half of the kitchen floor to wash until my dirty bike rolls over it. Tomorrow may be cold, and I am glad I made use of this warm, January day.

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